It always has been a project rooted in my passion support the support LatinAmerican families and the communities in which they call home. 

 Artisan products are all individually handmade by gifted and talented craftspeople and artists from Latin America. Each product is a work of art, unique and of the highest quality. 

Your purchase will support Latin American families and those who create our beautiful products. 

 At Artisan, we are dedicated to bringing you the most beautiful and excellent quality handmade products that are designed and created by craftspeople and artists from Latin America. Money from your purchase will go to support Latin American families to provide food, shelter and life necessities. 

 At Artisan, we eliminate the middle man and bring you handmade products directly from Latin America.All of our quality products are handmade by talented craftspeople in Central and South America. No middleman means you get beautiful and unique products at a discontented price, and it also means that Artisan can give back more money to the Latin American families that made a living selling these beautiful designs and creations. 

 Thank you for shopping with Arthisan! Each purchase that you make helps support Latin American families, promotes the growth of communities, and fights poverty and adversity.   

Founder of Arthisan