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Wayuu bag

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Beautiful bag made entirely by hand by the women of the Wayuu ethnic group of La Guajira. Beautiful shoulder strap and beautiful combination.

Bring the essence of a different culture in your daily lifestyle

ARTHISAN brings the collection of fantastic Wayuu Mochilas bags by directly importing from the coast of Colombia. The bags are incredibly well-crafted and perfectly design for everyday use that suits anyone’s personality. Its exquisite design with vibrant colors will connect with nature and make you fall in love with this bag.

The admiration of Wayuu Mochilas bags is an excellent thing for tribal women who bear their villages’ economy by making and selling these fashionable essentials. The team of ARTHISAN works directly with a group of tribal women to bring the highest quality product for our customers and help them preserve their cultural values and their right for a better living.

Key Features

  • Imported from Colombia – 100% original cultural rich handmade bags by the women of Wayuu Tribe from the coast of Colombia.
  • Product Material –The product is durable because it’s made of natural sheep wool, making it soft and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Exquisite Design –The Wayuu weaving art is entirely by hand, making it unique and hard to find in the market.
  • Spacious Design –These extremely well-crafted bags has ample room for essentials and perfect for daily use like schools or offices.
  • Easy to Care –These bags are pretty easy to care because they are eligible for machine wash.

Key Benefits

  • Support the Community – Your purchase will help Wayuu tribe people in their development and evolution.
  • Unique & Stylish – A perfect way to explore their culture because every bag is unique and different from others.
  • Ample Room – You can easily carry your laptop, books, or other essential without compromising your style.
  • Strap Design - The unique design strap is normally waved by the men of the Wayuu tribe.

Buy Now! To bring the essence of Wayuu Tribe Culture to your life!